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Homemade Boba & Fresh Fruit


Get to Know Us

We are long-time lovers of bubble tea and believe that it should taste good, be made fresh, and focused on community! That's why we thought it was important to use the freshest ingredients, made in-house, under our own brand. We are local Stamford residents who simply want to bring the community a fresh and flavorful bubble tea product where you confidently know what you're drinking.  

Citrus Fruits

Fresh Ingredients

- All of our fruit teas are made from actual fresh fruit in store, never from frozen or concentrate.    

- We make sure to only use the best quality fruits to ensure your experience is perfect.  

- Without the use of any pre-packaged syrups, you can drink confidently knowing exactly what's in your beverage.  

Our Top Flavors

Ways to enjoy!

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