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Why is Penny Cha boba special?

Penny Cha boba is meticulously crafted from tapioca flour and water, free from chemicals, dyes, and preservatives. Mixed together, kneaded into a dough, and rolled with our specialized boba rolling machine, it's cooked to perfection in imported East African brown sugar, that complements all our drinks. Warm, chewy, and perfectly sized for your straw!


We specialize in hand-crafted bubble teas made solely from fresh fruit: never frozen, no juice concentrates. Our commitment to bringing the best ingredients extends to our sugar, which is made in-house from 100% pure cane sugar, ensuring a natural sweetness without any fructose or additives.

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Sensational Milk Teas

Discover our expertly crafted milk teas, where each cup is made with the finest, ingredients for an indulgent experience. A fan favorite, our Brown Sugar Milk Tea, features a special East African sugar guaranteed to satisfy all tastes!


Penny Cha embodies our community spirit. With love for our city and a passion for boba, we warmly welcome everyone to our friendly environment. Come visit us and try our revolving daily samples!

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