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A Handmade Boba Tea Shop

As avid bubble tea enthusiasts, we've always held firm to the belief that it should embody freshness, taste delicious, and foster a sense of community! That's precisely why we're committed to using only the freshest ingredients, carefully prepared or juiced in-house, all under our own brand. As proud residents of Stamford, our mission is simple: to offer our community a bubble tea experience that's both fresh and flavorful, ensuring you always know exactly what you're sipping.

The Inspiration

Meet Penny

Penny, the 8-year-old Chow Chow, draws her inspiration from life's sweetest moments. Whether it's taking long walks or savoring her favorite treats (as she knows them, yum yums), her joy knows no bounds. With endless love for her family and (occasionally) her little sister, Minnie, Penny eagerly jumps into every cooking adventure, adding her charm to create the latest bubble tea flavors.

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